Our approach

Lootz is a website specialised in sales of Scandinavian fashion clothes, made of organic cotton, for children from 0 to 6 years old.
Clothing brands have been selected for their comfort, style and well being they bring to the children.

Our philosophie

Have fun and dress the children with style while taking into account the environmental footprint:

  • Clothing designers work in a responsible way in terms of materials they use as well as remuneration they pay to intermediaries
  • Parents have the option to return the clothes that become too small and benefit from a discount towards their next purchases at Lootz
  • Lootz is committed to give a second life to the clothes already used that become too small by placing them for sale at www.lootz-shop.com, by making donations to associations or even by introducing them into the recycling circle

Thus, Lootz offers a fashionable shopping experience where nothing is lost. The Twist Again is the virtuous circle at Lootz: buy, enjoy, renew. Free circular, playful and terribly trendy economy!

The concept is particularly interesting, as we know that between birth and the age of 6 years old, parents renew a dozen times their children's wardrobe.

Our collection is modern and eclectic.
Parents can find modern or retro styles, casual or classic, serious or fun. Scandinavian fashion has long been at the forefront of responsible fashion and quality.

These independent brands actively participate in the process of certification and labelling (GOTS, Oeko-Tex) in order to reduce their environmental impact and the risk to the health of children.

Lootz proposes to control the lifecycle of the clothes and follow the Slow Fashion trend.

This site was developed by a young entrepreneur from Bordeaux. Soon after becoming a mommy, she wanted to combine her
taste for fashion and her environmental conscience.

Let's Twist the children's fashion!

Baby overall organic coton


Looking for a pyjama or a suit for your babygirl? Suits, pyjamas, onesies... all our products are designed to facilitate dressing and undressing of your baby in a blink of an eye.


Boys t-shirts and sweaters organic cotton


Quality, trend and comfort guaranteed with our selection of t-shirts, pulls and sweats for your boy!